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The Bertie County Arts Council is a nonprofit organization encouraging all artistic disciplines, including visual art, music, dance, fiber/textile art, theater, literary arts and others. The arts are at the core of the creative economy of our community and county, and should be nurtured and encouraged by all of us in every way possible. The BCAC strives to connect people to the arts in a meaningful manner, by funding the arts at county events and to help educate our Bertie children as we partner with our schools, and by also providing classes, seminars, and activities for children of all ages.

BCAC is here to work for you as an artist, helping to promote your work through our art shows, receptions and events. We also need your ideas, inspiration, imagination, and your volunteer time -- that includes being committee chairs, administrators, donors, workers, and all sorts of others.

Please use the pages and links on this website to find out more about Bertie Arts, our programs and events, and keep up with us on social media -- and Facebook -- or by calling the Featured Artist Chairperson shown below.

Agnes Powell
Featured Artist Chairperson

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